Austrian Study Centre for Peace and Conflict Resolution (ASPR)

The ASPR aims to contribute to the promotion of peace and peaceful conflict resolution and to the dissemination of practical ideas for peace, including its developmental and environmental aspects. In order to carry out these tasks, the ASPR conducts and evaluates research in line with its objectives, engages in training and education, and conducts scientific courses. Read more ...

Current Policy Brief

The Korean peace process

After the breakdown of the second Trump-Kim summit in Hanoi, the Korean peace process seems stalled. Beyond the highly publicised negotiations between the US and North Korea, however, relations between both Korean states and other regional actors are marked by a new dynamic that offers a rare chance for lasting rapprochement. This background, and how external actors can help the process along, is detailed in our latest Policy Brief. Read more

New President

New President at ASPR

Mr. Norbert Darabos, former head of the Health and Social Affairs Department of Burgenland and a long serving Minister of Defence in Austria, is the new president of the ASPR, serving in an voluntary capacity for a four year term. He will continue with his position as Historian of Burgenland.
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Peace Education

Die nächsten Generationen zu mündigen Bürgern zu erziehen, ihnen die Möglichkeit der friedlichen Konfliktbeilegung zu lehren und sie zum kritischen Denken zu ermutigen – all dies sind Ziele der Friedenspädagogik. Read more


Feedback from course-participants, trainers and visitors. Find out what they had to say about their stay at Schlaining Peace Castle.
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