IPT Core Course for Peace Builders

The ENTRi certified CORE COURSE comprises theoretical inputs and practical exercises tailored to the realities in the field. All modules enhance interpersonal skills, highlight the importance of active involvement in the host society, and promote a reflective and critical approach. Junior professionals benefit particularly as they get the opportunity to reflect on their own mission readiness and motivation.

Scheduled Course

IPT Core Course for Peacebuilders: 4 – 16 November 2017
Application Deadline (Scholarships): 30 July 2017Applications of qualified, self-financed candidates can be considered after this deadline.

Modules include peace-building, cultural awareness, cross-cultural communication, conflict analysis, methods of third party intervention, mediation, human rights, democratisation, organised crime, personal safety, field orientation, mine awareness, first aid, gender and peace-building, stress management, and working with trauma.

Practical exercises include a workshop on project management, map reading, navigation,  drive training, a mine trail, a Complex Simulation Exercise held outdoors and multiple case studies.

Faculty is drawn from a pool of resource persons who combine theoretical knowledge with extensive practical field experience.

Target Group
People working with national or international non-governmental organisations, international organisations (e.g. UN), governments, the academic or private sectors who

  • want to prepare for field missions in post-conflict and crisis areas in countries other than their own, or in their own countries
  • want to serve as multipliers in their own countries and communities, passing on the knowledge and skills obtained in the course

COURSE FEES:1.690€ This includes tuition fees, course materials, coffee breaks, full-board accommodation, shuttle to and from the airport, and a social event

Specialisation Course Human Rights in Conflict

The course aims at enhancing the skills needed by professionals to monitor, protect and promote human rights in the field. The acquired knowledge helps to ensure that their work is efficient, relevant, sustainable, participatory, and carried out safely during or after armed conflict.
The course will enhance participantsí understanding of international and regional human rights law and standards and equip them with the necessary tools to apply this knowledge to their everyday work in the field. The course is designed to raise participantsí self-awareness in terms of behaviour, attitudes and values when dealing with human rights issues in international peace-building and peacekeeping activities.

Scheduled Course

IPT SC: Human Rights in Conflict: 17 – 26 November 2017
Application Deadline (Scholarships): 30 July 2017Applications of qualified, self-financed candidates can be considered after this deadline.

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