Training of Trainers for Sustainable Peacebuilding and Human Rights

You will master techniques needed to design, organise and facilitate workshops and seminars on human rights and sustainable peacebuilding. You will familiarise yourself with participatory approaches and creative tools to train different groups, and learn to evaluate and reflect on training and learning processes. Experience a practice-oriented training based on a non-violent gender-sensitive approach.

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Specialisation Course on Monitoring and Evaluation

The course is designed to deepen theoretical and practical knowledge on monitoring at the same time. Consequently, the theoretical knowledge acquired will be applied to a practice example, resulting in a step-by-step design of a result-oriented monitoring system.
In order to offer – to the extent possible – a tailor-made training, an inquiry into participants’ needs and expectations will be conducted prior to the course.

Women's Leadership Programme

Due to high demand, we have now opened enrolment for a second course from 23 to 28 April 2017.

The goal of this cutting-edge Leadership Development Programme is to empower senior- and mid-level female managers and leaders in their pursuit of dynamic and thoughtful leadership, career advancement and self-fulfilment. Critical skills in self-leadership will be developed in confronting difficulties and taking decisions across a wide range of contexts and circumstances.

Today's leaders must be prepared to anticipate, analyze and address complex challenges involving multiple stakeholders as efficiently and effectively as possible. They need a special set of skills and capacities that will enable them to put effective leadership into practice. Navigating through the tensions and ambiguities that characterize today's workplace demands an adaptive mindset and solid leadership decision making skills.

Conducted in English, the course serves a culturally diverse audience. Methods used are grounded in theory (e.g., Otto Scharmer, MIT; Robert Kegan, Ronald Heifetz and Kurt Fischer, Harvard University) yet are thoroughly experiential and culture-neutral.

The course is gender-neutral and takes place in a generative space exclusively for women. The focus is on two fundamental aspects of effective leadership: Firstly, participants are taught how to identify and integrate their individual hidden patterns and reactive tendencies underlying their unconscious and automatic biases and assumptions. These limitations tend to hamper the success and positive impact of their goals and achievements. Secondly, from this vantage point, adaptive skills in leadership decision-making are built and strengthened.

Course Fee: € 5760 (this amount includes 20% VAT). This amount covers the Lectica Decision Making Assessment setup conversations; assessment costs; individual debriefing; five-day intensive on-site component, and two individual coaching sessions after the on-site component. Accommodation and full board at the Castle Schlaining Hotel: € 90 per person per night. Transport from and to Vienna Airport will be arranged at no additional charge for group of 5 or more participants. 

Apply now (please contact should you not be able to open the application form)


Specialisation Course on Long-term Election Observation (LTO)

The aim of this specialised course is to convey the entire scope and tasks of Long-term Election Observers (LTO) work to participants. It is organised in cooperation with the Swiss Federal Department for Foreign Affairs.

CARITAS Safety/Security Training

The disaster response unit of Austrian CARITAS started with a specially tailored training on "safety/security" in 2012.
21 staff of "Caritas Katastrophenhilfe" with field experience particiated in the compact course 27-30 March.
The customized curriculum covered essentials from "Personal Safety/Risk Assessment" to an outdoor "mine awareness"-training.

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